June 23, 2022

Production Is Underway on the Upcoming Curiosity Original Series ‘Proof Of Concept’

The Four-Part Series Hosted by “Physics Girl” Dianna Cowern Set to Premiere On Curiosity Stream This Summer

(Silver spring, Md.)PROOF OF CONCEPT, an upcoming Curiosity Original Series is now in production. The series, directed by Johnny Wickham (Because Science, Nerdy Jobs) and hosted by creator and MIT-trained physicist Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl), explores some of the most abstract concepts ever conceived by human minds and dives into these heady topics (Infinity, Consciousness, Randomness, & even Logical Paradox & Truth Itself) through a mix of games, thought experiments, and interactive demos designed to retain a lighthearted, fun energy, that is as much about having a laugh as it is about making a breakthrough.

Host Dianna Cowern is creator & star of the award-winning YouTube channel Physics Girl and is one of the most viewed science communicators with over 2 million subscribers and nearly 200 million total views. Featured guests in the series include comedians Reggie Watts and Maz Jobrani, world-renowned mathematician and bestselling author Eugenia Cheng, fellow YouTube science stars Simone Giertz and Kyle Hill, and Jon the Robot (the world’s first autonomous robot comedian).

“I’ve never before worked on a show where the crew couldn’t stop talking about the mind-blowing concepts we just filmed,” said Dianna Cowern, host of Proof of Concept. “Working on this show was like visiting the real Wonderland. I cannot wait to show everyone what we’ve been up to!”

“An original studio production is an exciting new avenue for us,” said Jorge Franzini, VP of Original Content, Development, and Programming for Curiosity. “A series exploring big, important concepts through fun games and on-set demos, guided by the brilliant and engaging Dianna Cowern, has all the makings of a hit for Curiosity’s global audience.”

The episodes include original games like The 2 Minds Dilemma (designed to probe at the evolutionary origins of consciousness) and The Counting Race (designed to reveal subtle facts about infinity), as well as interactive demos wherein the studio-location is transformed into a casino, a stand-up comedy club (for the aforementioned Jon The Robot), and a multi-stage paradoxical maze straight out of Alice In Wonderland, where Dianna, her celebrity guests, and a slew of volunteer participants take on challenges that bring the big ideas to life.

The upcoming series is produced by Triage Entertainment (Iron Chef: America, A Home for the Holidays, Guys Grocery Games, The Baking Championship franchise) and executive produced by Manuel Alves, Jordan Savage, Ashley Hoff, Dianna Cowern, Nat Prinzi, Alexa Whittington, Hayden Boal, and Benjamin Wood. Jorge Franzini serves as executive producer for Curiosity.

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