March 23, 2023

Curiosity Original ‘CSI On Trial’ Puts Forensic Science To The Test With Explosive Results

New Docuseries Exposes Flaws in Common Crime Scene Investigation Methods Used in Criminal Cases and Tells the Emotional Stories of the Wrongly Convicted

Silver Spring, Md. – Curiosity (NASDAQ: CURI) the global factual entertainment media company, announced today’s world premiere of CSI On Trial, a groundbreaking docuseries that exposes disturbing questions about the most widely-known crime scene investigation methods. The 6-episode series is available to watch now on Curiosity’s flagship streamer Curiosity Stream.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine a criminal investigation today that doesn’t involve forensic science – firearms analysis, bloodstain patterns, footprints. CSI on Trial reveals the shocking lack of scientific validity behind these investigative practices through real- life criminal cases, the stories of the wrongly convicted who are now free, and the believed innocent who remain behind bars.

Filmmaker and series executive producer Molly Hermann from The Biscuit Factory narrates the docuseries. She interviewed nearly 70 scientists, practitioners, attorneys, judges, and innocent people who were convicted by flawed forensic evidence.

“I believed the old adage that the U.S. criminal justice system isn’t perfect, but is still the best in the world,” said Hermann. “But what I discovered is that many methods of forensic science used to build criminal cases aren’t just imperfect, they’re irresponsible and unscientific with a profound impact on human lives. And that’s our mission — to investigate how and why most forensic methods are flawed and explore how we can make the justice system more accountable and more fair.”

“CSI on Trial is an amazing example of what Curiosity Stream does best — dive deep into realms you thought you knew, to reveal stunning new insight,” said Rob Burk, Curiosity’s Head of Content. “I had heard of the so-called ‘CSI effect’ — but was shocked to learn how little science there is behind most forensic science disciplines — and the incredibly high price so many have paid because of it. We hope this series contributes to a healthy dialog about the real capabilities and limitations of forensics science.”

Curiosity’s Burk is the docuseries executive producer along with Hermann and Rob Lyall from The Biscuit Factory.

Curiosity also teams up with iHeartPodcasts and School of Humans to produce the companion CSI on Trial podcast also available now. Hermann writes and hosts. Jason English executive produces for iHeartPodcasts. From School of Humans, Jessica Metzger is the podcast senior producer along with executive producer Virginia Prescott. The podcast is available on the iHeartRadio app and anywhere podcasts are heard.

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