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For the past 200 years, American capitalism and industrialization have focused on profitability as the primary goal, often at the expense of both human and natural resources. Conscious Capitalism proves successful companies don’t have to sacrifice profits to operate in a more mindful, conscientious way. The original film, available exclusively on CuriosityStream, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how Waste Management, North America’s leading provider of comprehensive waste management and residential recycling services, is protecting the environment while also generating $13 billion in revenues from lines of business that include recycling, landfill renewable gas projects, landfill gas-to energy projects and carbon sequestration in landfills. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has revolutionized employee relations by focusing on team member engagement, empowerment, job satisfaction and fair wages, driving down its turnover rate to just 14 percent, compared to the 47 percent grocery industry average, saving a tremendous amount on hiring and training costs. The film not only highlights these success stories, but also gives viewers insight into the four pillars of conscious capitalism and why this new way of doing business works in the modern economy.

Interviewed in the film:

  • John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, and co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement
  • David Steiner, CEO of Waste Management
  • Raj Sisodia, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

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