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Deep Time History — the link between human history and the deep past. It’s a new way to look at and learn from key moments that shaped the stories we thought we knew, tracing the origins of those stories all the way back to the formation of our planet, our solar system, even the Universe itself.  In this series, we tear down the walls between science and history to reveal how the story of mankind is often driven by those events from the deep past.

Ancient exploding stars, the clash of continents, the formation of molecules, all secretly shaped the history we thought we knew. Our civilization and innovations, our voyages and battles, are driven not only by the decisions we make, but by physics, geology, biology, and chemistry—often forces that can be too small to see, or are so far back in time that the only way to understand their influence is to think in a whole new way.


  1. The Rise of Civilization
  2. Age of Discovery
  3. The Industrial Revolution and Modern Warfare





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About the Host

Jonathan Markley

California-based historian Jonathan Markley is a leader in the academic movement known as Big History. This movement, which seeks to incorporate human history into the larger story of the Earth and Universe, began at Australia’s Macquarie University, where Markley earned his Ph.D. A New Zealander by birth, Markley has been a professor at California State University – Fullerton since 2006. He is on the board of the International Big History Association and is currently working on a book about the surprising history of grass, showing how this unassuming plant species has played an outsized role in world history.


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