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From the front lines of the Australian bushfires to coastal towns leveled by hurricanes, drone pilot Doug Thron uses next-gen technology rigged for his unique mission to rescue pets and wildlife stranded in the aftermath of a natural disaster. There’s often no power, no cell service and few public resources. People are displaced, often separated from their loved ones with no easy way to make contact. When resources are scarce and too many people are in need, what happens to the animals, both wild and domestic, that are stranded or left behind? That’s where drone pilot Doug Thron comes in. Doug travels to the hardest hit areas—relying only on the supplies he can carry, including 4 specialty drones. Follow along with Doug every emotional step of the way, from the often-dangerous searches and dramatic rescues to the successful reunions with grateful owners, or a return to an animal’s natural habitat.

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About the Host

Doug Thron

As an aerial cinematographer, Doug Thron has been shooting professionally for 27 years. He’s one of the most widely-published aerial photographers in the country with images appearing in Time, People, Glamour, Sunset and more, as well as in countless newspapers and television shows including The Emmy Awards and Good Morning America. After using his drones to film the devastation left in the wake of the “Camp Fires” in Paradise, CA, Doug joined the efforts there to rescue lost pets from the burn zone and reunite them with their owners. Driven by his commitment to the environment and his life-long love of animals, Doug now travels around the globe, anywhere his unique talents and technology can help as communities deal with the devastation left behind in a natural disaster.

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