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Taking humanity’s obsession with size into the animal kingdom.

Explorer, field biologist, and conservationist Dan O’Neill spent 10 years in Guyana, known as the Land of Giants. Now, he’s headed back into the wild to find the biggest beasts that walk our planet and unlock their evolutionary secrets like never before. In this 5-part Curiosity original natural history series, O’Neill leads an adventurous team around the globe, coming face to face with the biggest behemoths that roam our natural world and connecting the dots with their prehistoric ancestors.

Combining the latest science and cutting-edge CGI, the team brings the extinct species back to life, exploring how these formidable creatures managed to achieve such massive proportions and what processes drove such extremes of nature. And then, each episode is a mission into the wilderness and a quest for answers. What does it take to survive as a giant? How has the environment helped them supersize? And what does their future hold? Can we prevent history from repeating itself?

From Africa to South America and Australia, Dan joins conservationists and scientists who’ve dedicated their lives to studying these spectacular species.

  • Anacondas – Searching the tranquil waters of Brazil’s Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, Dan joins serpent scientist Julianna Terra to survey green anacondas. Could today’s huge females be approaching the prehistoric proportions of the extinct Titanoboa, the largest snake ever discovered?
  • Elephants – At 14 tons, the Straight-tusked palaeoloxodon elephant was the largest to ever walk the Earth. Today’s largest are the rare African Super-Tuskers. Dan joins a conservation team in Kenya’s Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem on mission to find them.
  • Saltwater Crocodiles – Dan teams up with an indigenous croc hunter to scour Northern Australia’s saltwater wetlands to track down a giant male croc. How does this man-eater measure up against the sarcosuchus – the extinct super-croc legendary for its 40-foot, 10-ton frame.
  • Sharks – Dan experiences the power of the great whites that feed on the fur seals of the Southern Australian coast and explores new technology helping humans and sharks live side by side. But how do they compare with the mysterious megalodon, one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived? Dan comes to grips with how this ancestor got so huge.
  • Lions – Dan and team cross thousands of miles in Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a mission to find the region’s massive males. Understanding how far they roam could help build ‘wildlife corridors’ that keep these lions from falling to the same fate as their prehistoric predecessor, the giant American cave lion.

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