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The legacy of President John F. Kennedy is so deeply engrained in American culture that he remains one of the most popular presidents in history, even among people with no living memory of him. However, many don’t realize that the image of JFK most of us revere—from “Camelot” and the modern, media-friendly presidency to the heart-wrenching funeral that captivated the world—is one created almost entirely by his wife.

JFK: Fact & Fable, a CuriosityStream Original, is a new look inside the Kennedy mystique, offering an intimate perspective on former first lady Jaqueline Kennedy’s unprecedented influence over her husband’s legacy, as well as the design of the modern presidency as we know it. The film draws on the expertise of well-known American historian and author Thurston Clarke, and Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, also a Kennedy biographer and expert in the Kennedy legacy.

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