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Perspective is everything, and through the eyes and words of some of the greatest female cinematographers and photographers, we see a dazzling vision of the natural world.  How did these remarkable women discover their passion for wildlife?  Do women tell stories differently than men?  What obstacles did our principals have to overcome, and what partnerships have they formed to bring their enduring vision to us?  This CuriosityStream original series features exclusive interviews with the women behind the images combined with spectacular wildlife footage to illuminate our relationship with the natural world as never before.  From Anne Innis Dagg, 86 years old and the ‘Jane Goodall’ of Giraffes and  to the young filmmaker Eshika Fyzee, who is just starting out with a film about Himalayan bears, these remarkable artists come from a diverse range of backgrounds and visual experiences. They speak candidly about their work, the different ways they photograph, write and film, and the hurdles they have had to overcome.


Episode 1:  A lifelong passion for nature often begins in childhood. CALL OF THE WILD details how some of the world’s pre-eminent women wildlife cinematographers first felt a connection to the wild.


Episode 2: A Hopi Indian proverb reads: “Those who tell the stories rule the world.”  Many of nature’s greatest storytellers are women, and their personal and professional paths is the subject of WHO TELLS THE STORY?


Episode 3: Our stories of the wilderness have traditionally been told by white, male adventurers.  For women to tell their stories requires passion, persistence and the support of like-minded colleagues.  CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN shows how female voices are vital for the preservation of the natural world today.


Episode 4: Men can learn much from a feminine approach to the natural world.  Sharing perspectives and creative collaboration can transform our understanding of the wild, and unite us in ONE WORLD.

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