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“I’ve been lucky. I’ve lived an extraordinary life, exploring the Universe and attending the odd party or two.”

–Prof. Stephen Hawking

So begins the Emmy Award-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, an epic docu-series that takes Prof. Hawking through space and time, revealing the intimate details of his personal journey of inspiration, perseverance and ambition.  In this trilogy of extraordinary programs, Professor Hawking travels the cosmos in his computer-generated space ship, the S.S. Hawking, engaging with the wonders of the magnificent Universe he devoted his life to understanding.

Mixing recollections from his childhood and family life that inspired his work as a scientist, he goes in search of the ultimate mystery:  the theory of everything.  Along the way, time travel and a precarious free fall to Venus, plus questions about aliens, God, and truth, offer unprecedented insight into this genius mind.

And in the final, newly-released conclusion to this galactic journey, Professor Hawking comes face to face with his greatest A.I. fears and goes in search of the single idea that can explain the nature of reality and the mystery of our existence. Spoiler alter: he finds it…

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