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The 7 big cats are some of the most powerful predators on Earth, but much is misunderstood about their rise to the top of the food chain. It’s a survival story that began in the early ice ages, and reveals how these majestic creatures outlasted their deadly counterparts — including the mighty sabretooths. In this 3-part CuriosityStream original series, travel to some of the most dangerous and remote locations on the planet — where big cats reign and nature is at its most savage. Each of the seven big cat species is closely profiled — with extraordinary, intimate natural behavior recorded with new high-tech night vision systems, super-slow-motion cameras, and cutting-edge computer-generated imagery of a bygone age that maps out a tantalizing trail of evidence to find out what happened. In this 3-million-year journey, experience the incredible and unexpected stories of the world’s most charismatic predators: the big cats.

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