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Along South America’s western coast, Earth’s perfect storm brews all of the right ingredients to foster biodiversity. This cold marine highway flows from the tip of Patagonia to the equator, sometimes snaking close to shore and occasionally veering towards the open ocean — but mammals, fish, and birds depend on its bounty during every mile of its long journey. Powered by deep-sea upwelling from Antarctica, this chilly ocean river is responsible for the extreme dryness of the Atacama Desert and the moist, temperate rainforests of Chile. It creates the massive fishery of Peru, provides nesting habitat for countless seabirds and rare marine mammals, and cools a harsh, volcanic wasteland so that penguins can live in the tropics. We’ll reveal the catalysts behind the Current’s powerful life-giving engine as we follow it from the frozen south to the scorching north during three unique episodes: Genesis … Journey … and Arrival. A Curiosity Original Series.

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