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Woodstock — the most famous rock concert in history and the symbol of a generation. At the center of it all, a Volkswagen bus called Light. In this epic adventure, an unlikely crowd comes together to help an artist resurrect his greatest work, a symbol-covered VW bus known as the iconic emblem of Woodstock – a bus called Light. It could be the most valuable piece of American automotive art ever. There’s just one problem. The bus is lost. Join CuriosityStream for a race across America’s highways, backroads and junkyards to solve a 50-year-old mystery, find a bus, restore it, and repaint it in time for a trip back to Woodstock for the 50th anniversary Jubilee. Traveling from #VanLife subculture to the high stakes world of classic automobile investing, it’s a journey to get the lost symbol of a generation back on the road and into the Light.

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