August 8, 2022

One Day University Launches ‘Weekly Scholar’ – A Video Newsletter

August 3, 2022 – Silver Spring, Md. – One Day University, which provides lectures delivered live and on-demand by the most celebrated  professors from 150 of the world’s top colleges and universities, is now available in a weekly email newsletter format with the “Weekly Scholar.” Beginning today, and released every Wednesday, Weekly Scholar will deliver short-form video clips of top One Day University lectures organized by theme and driven by culturally and historically relevant topics. 

The launch edition features five presentations on America and the World, including “America Runs Everything. How’s That Going?” and “Are We the Next Rome?” The newsletter is free for registered users (sign up here). Additionally, each Monday, One Day University showcases a Special Edition with full, one-hour classes available exclusively for One Day University Members. 

According to One Day University Founder and President Steven Schragis, “In the past year we’ve learned that many thousands of lifelong learners enjoy daily one-hour classes that are both educational and entertaining. Certainly many thousands more will prefer short, fascinating presentations of just a few minutes. Weekly Scholar is for them!”

One Day University launched in 2007 and, by 2019, featured hundreds of live events in 61 North American cities. The company pivoted to virtual lectures in April 2020 as a result of the pandemic, continuing to showcase  a range of topics, including history, music, literature, art, film, politics and psychology. One Day University was acquired by Curiosity Inc. in May 2021 and has grown its audience to more than 42,000 paid members and nearly 70,000 registered users. In addition, One Day University podcasts recently debuted on the Curiosity Audio Network.

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