June 11, 2021

10 Best Documentaries to Binge-Watch in 2021

These Series on CuriosityStream Will Give Your Brain the Stimulation It Needs


At CuriosityStream, we know what it’s like to be a knowledge junkie.

Your craving for knowledge is insatiable. Outer space … biology  … world wars …

…you name it …

…you need to know.

Well, take heart: you can indulge your addiction with reckless abandon—with these documentaries exclusively on CuriosityStream.


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After all, why feast only on fictional stories when you can also explore feats that have actually happened?

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

So, if you’re a knowledge lover, don’t miss these 10 best documentaries on CuriosityStream in 2021.


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Out of the Cradle

How did humanity’s earliest ancestors evolve into the most successful species on Earth?

The cards were stacked against us from the very beginning.

With powerful predators lurking and food scarce … even total extinction looming … somehow humans emerged victorious.


-Everyone’s heard about “Lucy” … but who’s “Ardi”?

-Discover the early natural event that proved to be a “happy accident” in our evolutionary history

-What factors led to the development of human emotion and intelligence?


Using the latest paleoanthropological findings mixed with the latest CGI from Square Enix, this story is finally told.

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The History of Home – Narrated by Nick Offerman

What makes a house a ‘home’?



There’s no place like home, as they say.

In this series, narrated by one of the stars of Parks and Recreation, the story of humanity is told from a unique perspective: the history of home.


-See how a sedentary lifestyle gave rise to human civilization

-What’s “mud” got to do with it?

-How did boredom transform our experience of home life?


If home is where the heart is, this is the opportunity to explore the history of humanity’s most intimate moments.


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Apocalypse: WWI and WWII

How did humanity nearly destroy itself—twice?



World War I was known as the “War to End All Wars” … until the Second World War came along.

In these two series, you’ll trace the events beginning in 1914 that culminated in the deadliest wars in human history.


-What terrifying technology finally broke the stalemate of World War I?

-Follow the course of events that drew the United States into the World Wars

-See how all the carnage came to an end, destroying entire nations in the process


Spend your weekend watching these 10 hours of World War footage, in black and white and in color.


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Amazing DinoWorld

How did these massive creatures come to dominate the land?


Long before humans, dinosaurs ruled the world.

These “terrible lizards” emerged nearly 250 million years ago—dominating throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


-What was the secret to the dinosaurs’ success? (hint: this evolutionary breakthrough allowed for more stable body temperatures)

-Witness a dinosaur three times the size of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

-Who was the “gigantic dragon” that ruled the prehistoric seas and preyed on dinosaurs?


Watch this unmatched CGI representation of the dinosaurs in action.


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4th & Forever

“Do you want to be hard from the hood—or the hardest player on the football team?”



Long Beach Polytechnic High School boasts an incredible football record.

Named “Sports High School of the Century” by Sports Illustrated, they are the winningest California high school football program of all time.

But for many of these players, football is the only way out of poverty and gang life.

For these young men, it’s do or die.


-Meet defensive lineman Devin Jackson, who sells knives on the side to help support his family

-Meet defensive back and team captain Dabness Atkins—struggling to get his teammates back in the game after a disastrous season

-Meet defensive lineman Michael Teo, whose mother has finally revealed to him she’s been diagnosed with ovarian cancer


When everything’s on the line, will these players rise or fall?


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Pompeii: Disaster Street

What did life in ancient Rome really look like?



Imagine a volcanic eruption burying the city you live in, crushing and suffocating nearly everyone you know.

Welcome to Pompeii—the most important archaeological site in Europe.


-See how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius left this ancient city frozen in time

-Observe for yourself the most incredible vestiges of the Roman era, via the greatest archaeological excavations of Pompeii in 70 years

-Who were the people under these volcanic layers? How did they live—and how did they die?


With exclusive access to the dig, see how the latest artifacts and DNA science are changing history … and discover the real stories of what happened to the unfortunate souls who didn’t escape the city gates.


Watch the best documentaries on CuriosityStream


Perseverance: Countdown to Impact

Perseverance is the most complex Mars rover ever made—but would it land or crash?



Following seven months of travel and 300 million miles from launch … NASA’s Perseverance rover finally touched down on the Red Planet on February 18, 2021.

Now, you can see how it all went down.


-Is there any evidence for life on Mars?

-How did Terrain Relative Navigation allow Perseverance to land in more dangerous terrain than previous rovers?

-With the help of CGI technology, watch the rover as it enters—and explores—Martian atmosphere


This was an historic landing on Mars. If you’re a space lover, you don’t want to miss this.


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Crime Scene Solvers

How do crime scene investigators solve brutal crimes?



A damaged bike … a plastic bag … a suitcase floating in the bay. These are just some of the mysterious items found at crime scenes.

Watch as crime scene investigators meticulously analyze the evidence to solve some of the most enigmatic crimes.


-Two wealthy widows are found in a pool of blood at a luxurious property in Vevey, Switzerland. Who could have killed them?

-A couple fall ill and die following an ordinary dinner. Is it food poisoning—or could it be arsenic?

-What happened to 39-year-old Nelly Crémel, who left her home to go jogging … never to return?


If you’re a true crime fan, this series may just keep you up at night.


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Stalin’s James Bond

Who was the real James Bond?


Stalin's James Bond


He was a master spy. An eccentric who loved women and booze … known for his crazy escapades.

No, we’re not talking about Ian Fleming’s character—but the real James Bond: Richard Sorge.


-How would World War II have been different if this master spy hadn’t been captured by the Japanese?

-See how Sorge built a spy ring and undermined Hitler’s plans

-Could Sorge have been actually playing Stalin and Hitler against each other?


Explore this exciting story about one of the most fascinating figures of the 20th century.


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The Science of Sleep

Why do we sleep?


The Science of Sleep


Most of us spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep.

Everyone thinks they know just why we sleep—but the truth is, sleeping is one of the most mysterious human processes.


-What role does sleep play in our memory?

-How does sleep affect our hunger hormones (and our weight)?

-Which critical part of the brain does sleep deprivation effectively shut off (and how does this affect our decision-making and emotional intelligence?)


Join Dr. Jennifer Gardy on this journey into the science of sleep.


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We don’t want to be too down on fiction, but just think…

When your friends are spending countless hours watching movies and TV shows that don’t help them understand their world any better…

…you’ll be feeding your brain a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge.


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