July 2, 2020

Perseverance + more in July!

The Perseverance Mars Rover is the most sophisticated mission ever to the red planet. NASA’s launch window starts in late July and the countdown is on! Will Perseverance find any clues to past life on Mars? Go inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, where Perseverance was built and tested, in our newest Breakthrough episode coming later this month.


Go wild all month long with the first of 50 new films from one of the world’s best natural history filmmakers Doclights. Every week in July, tune in for new world premieres to explore Hidden Australia, get caught up in Monkey Mayhem, patrol the range with Jaguar: King of the Jungle, and more!


Celebrate America’s birthday with one of the most enigmatic founding fathers, with the premiere of American Icons: Thomas Jefferson. And witness The French Revolution like never before, in a new film shot ‘point-of-view’ style as if you were there. Experience in real time the fall of the world’s most powerful and ancient monarchy — and the people’s revolt that tore apart a nation balanced between hope and war.


Plus, Dr. Hannah Fry introduces us to Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing, a 19th-century socialite and a most-unlikely computer pioneer.


Here’s everything coming to CuriosityStream in July! Stay cool and #staycurious!


July 2nd

American Icons: Thomas Jefferson

Breakthrough: Saturn: The Moon King

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

Cheetah: Beating the Odds

Bright Now: Engineering A Pro



July 9th

These Birds Were Made For Walking

Hidden Australia

The Curious Mind

Breakthrough: Return Of The Wolves

American Icons: Walt Disney



July 13th

The French Revolution



July 16th

Jaguar: King of the Jungle

Magical Fjords

Bright Now: The Race to Forecast Weather

European Inventor Awards 2019



July 23rd

Meet the Marsupials

Meet the Meerkats

Breakthrough: Dragonfly to Titan

How the Irish Saved Civilization

Breakthrough: Coronavirus



July 30th

Monkey Mayhem

Puma: Ghost Cat

Bright Now: Blockchain Revolution

Apocalypse: Verdun

Bright Now: Feeding the Future

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