April 10, 2020

Class is in session!

Hey parents! Need a break from homeschooling? No judgement here! CuriosityStream is in session and everyone gets an A+.


Turn on the screens and let some kid-perfect documentaries do the trick. And don’t forget about CuriosityStream’s Kids Mode — to make sure your younger viewers are only watching our kid-friendly fare!


Psyched About Science




  • Kids will love the teen trio from QUARX, doing science as it’s never been done before, with superpowers that defy the laws of physics.






  • BIG PICTURE EARTH takes viewers on an extraordinary tour of 20 of the most spectacular locations around the world. From Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon to UTAH’s Slot Canyons.


  • Join the adventure-seekers of ROCK THE PARK, as they explore America’s greatest treasures — her awe-inspiring national parks. From California’s Channel Islands to Washington, D.C.’s national monuments, plan your next road trip when the time is right!


  • And from Florida’s beautiful beaches to Maine’s Indian summers, travel along the U.S. EAST COAST without battling traffic (or screaming kids in the backseat!)



Nature and Wildlife


  • GOING NUTS: TALES FROM THE SQUIRREL WORLD unveils the enchanting world of one of the planet’s most-watched mammals. But don’t let their cuteness fool you! They may be small, but squirrels are one of the most successful species in our eco-system.


  • Follow along JACK HANNA’S WILD COUNTDOWN as the famously fun wildlife expert shares his adventures, looking for the most rare and fascinating creatures he can find.


  • And of course, dinosaurs! PREHISTORIC WORLDS thrills with incredible CGI animations and the latest science about ancient life.





  • AMERICAN ICONS tells the often-unknown stories of the men and women who have defined America and its place in the world. Eleanor Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Abe Lincoln and more.


  • Go on an irreverent romp through American HI$TORY to learn how money makes the world go ‘round. Hosted by NPR’s Peter Sagal.



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