April 4, 2020

Travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the land

Who isn’t curious about the creatures that roamed the Earth long before mankind?  The success of blockbuster films, history museums, children’s books and more prove that the prehistoric age is as much a part of modern day pop culture and interest than ever before.


Over here at CuriosityStream, we’ve heard from several of you (and your kids!) that you just can’t get enough of all things prehistoric. And we don’t want you to miss a thing!


Ready for a dino docu-binge?


Start with Ancient Earth, the CuriosityStream original 5-part series that awakens the magnificent prehistoric creatures that dominated land, air, and sea before each of the 5 mass extinctions. Go on an extraordinary journey back in time to an era when ferocious saber-toothed carnivores, terrifying 40-foot sharks and massive dinosaurs dominated our planet.  And there’s something for everyone.


Animation lovers will nerd out over incredibly realistic animations that awaken the most fascinating and otherworldly creatures that once lived. History buffs will be equally thrilled — the series is based on the latest research and resources from the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History. And kids of all ages will love watching a parent-approved series full of fight scenes and stories of dinosaur survival and extinction.



In Amazing Dinoworld, explore the recent rush of new fossil discoveries and new high-tech tools that have radically redrawn our picture of many dinosaurs’ appearance and behaviors. Journey back to primeval Earth in the dinosaur age to get a glimpse of the totally rewritten stories of life and death dramas and see them unfold in cutting-edge CGI animation.


Dinosaurs with huge clawed arms; large-brained beasts living in the far North; horrible sea monsters pulling dinosaurs underwater… Researchers guide our journey through the land and ocean habitats of the dinosaur era, with new revelations that defy everything we thought we knew.



Now, we weren’t around in the age of the dinosaurs, but here’s a crazy question. If we had been, would we have tried to barbecue one? Think about it… modern birds are the most direct descendants of some of the most iconic dinosaurs to ever walk the planet. And birds — chicken, turkey — are always on the menu. But do we have the science to alter a bird embryo to resemble its mightiest ancestor, the T-Rex? It’s a story you have to see to believe… check it out in Bright Now: Tastes like T-Rex.


Stay in, Stay Curious!





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